Michelle Mundy dedicates her life to fitness day in and day out. She was born and raised in Orange County while always living that active Southern Californian life. She's been apart of many competitive sports growing up such as softball, lacrosse, swim, cross country,wakeboarding and surfing. You name it she's done it. College years got the best of her and her life turned around fast. She gained weight fast and didn't like the person she was becoming. She realized that fitness was a lifestyle that she wanted to live and breathe for the rest of her life. She put her mind to it, lost 50 pounds and went down 5 dress sizes and everyone began to ask how she did it. That's when she realized what better way to stay active and at the same time helping others reach their own goals. Personal training was her calling.  With support from friends and family, Michelle knew she could do whatever she put her mind to. Which soon became a motto for her training.

Michelle started training outdoors and doing beach workouts. Her unique style of high intensity interval training became known for kicking your butt and actually having fun while doing it! She doesn't believe that working out needs to be a chore. You should enjoy every second of your life and have fun living a healthy lifestyle. Her passion for fitness really shows in her workouts. She believes that if you really want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to get it and there's nothing that can stop you. Once Michelle started training at KVLT Athleticss her passion for changing people's lives grew even more. There is endless motivation when you train with her, making you come back for more as soon as you get the chance! Michelle likes to involve all different types of training into her workouts, including weights, interval, resistance, agility, speed, pilates and yoga. She makes results a reality!


  • NASM-National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT Certified Personal Trainer certification
  • Weight-Loss Specialist


Email: trainrmich89@yahoo.com
IG: @michelle_mundy