CORY Wilson
Sponsored Musician | Bass Player OBEY THE BRAVE

Growing up in the small town of Kemptville, Ontario, Canada, I played a lot of sports. I was never the star of the team but always showed athletic promise. I continued with athletics until the age of 13 when I picked up a guitar. Suddenly, music became a priority for me. Throughout high school, university and years following, music and playing in bands was it for me. Fitness and athletics were no longer a part of my life.

I lived as a touring musician in my early twenties I began to develop many bad habits. Clean eating was not even on my radar and I began drinking excessively. My health was not my concern. My eating habits and alcoholism worsened as time went on until age 24. It was during that time that many things had started to change in my life and I realized that my world as I knew it was crumbling around me. I was kicked out of the band I was in, close friends wanted nothing to do with me and I was damaging relationships with my family and loved ones. That's when I decided to quit. A change needed to be made.

In August of 2012 I quit drinking. I owe it to the support of my family, a few close friends and especially my girlfriend. But, I also owe a lot to fitness. It saved me in many ways. I began researching everything I could about fitness, dieting, training regiments, nutrition etc. Everything fitness related I wanted to learn about. I began seeing a personal trainer for several months who helped me learn the ins and outs of proper training methods. My life had taken a complete 180. I began working out, eating clean and music became a part of my life once again. Although, fitness remained the priority.

In October of 2014, I got the call to join Obey the Brave (Epitaph Records). I'd been good friends with members of the band for quite some time and I feel as though they took notice of all the positive changes I had made in my life. Having played in bands with some of them in the past they had seen me at my very worst. In January 2015, I officially joined Obey the Brave. This year alone, I have toured over 30 countries spanning four continents. Over the course of this year I have been working very hard to remain fit and healthy on the road so that I can give 100% of my energy to the fans when I am performing on stage. This is no easy task because living on the road it's simple to develop poor eating habits and lose sight of your fitness goals. But, I work hard every single day, keep a positive outlook on life and strive to better myself, physically, mentally and emotionally. With Obey the Brave, I'm fortunate enough to have 45 minutes of intense on stage cardio every night. With my touring schedule I've gotten the chance to work out in gyms all over the world.

My journey with fitness so far has definitely been a rewarding experience. It's become a lifestyle for me. It's given me the opportunity to constantly challenge myself and work towards bettering myself physically and mentally. I am now 28 years old and in the best shape of my life.

- Cory Wayne Wilson


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