ANNE Lindfjeld
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Growing up, I was always an active kid. Playing in the woods, running, biking, skating etc. When I got older, I got into gymnastics, which later translated into Fitness, and lifting weights. But first I went through some years, battling an eating disorder, that gave me a twisted way of thinking about my body. It took me some years, but eventually I got back into the gym, and started lifting. Something that now, has followed me for more than 15 years. I became a gym addict pretty quickly, and working out became an everyday thing for me, along with a healthy diet.

After many years of lifting, I needed some 'spice' to my gym time, and began mixing up my heavy lifting with Pilates, and Spinning. Then Crossfit came around, and I was hooked right away. For the first time, I worked out, till the point, where I felt dizzy and wanting to puke…… Something that only motivated me even more. I got super strong, and tight… aaand then my first pregnancy came around, screwed up everything I had worked for. I was basically told to sit tight, and wait for 9 months. So I did, gained 30kg (66lbs) played my X-Box till it broke down, and got a symphysis pelvic disfunction, so getting back to the gym, after I had my girl, was quite demotivating. But I did, lost the weight, got stronger, and then…. another pregnancy (planned). Same thing happened. I this time gained 28kg (64lbs) and still with the pelvic dysfunction. I couldn't see myself having time for 2 kids, a full-time job (working full-time as a social worker, with homeless addicts and mentally ill, and part time as a model and tv host) AND going to the gym, with a wish, to get back to my old fit self. So I quit my job, during maternity leave (we get 12 months in Denmark) and I went to school, to get my Fitness Instructor, Health and Nutrition coach, and Personal Trainer certifications. This both, to have better and more flexible time with my kids, to still be able to work with people, and making changes, but also to give myself the kick in the butt, that I needed to really get back in shape. I knew having to sell a product like Training sessions, means having to look the part. And after 2 x 66lbs, 2 c-sections and 2 kids in 3 years, I really needed the ultimate motivation. Being a fitness role model, was the biggest  I could find. And I did it. Now a year after having my second kid, Im also a certified TRX Instructor, with more to come. I'm healthier and stronger than ever. I have a healthy relationship with food, for the first time in many years, and I'm loving every second of my fit life.

Lifting and working out is therapy for me, it's my drug of choice, and I'm an addict for life ;)

- Anne Lindfjeld


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